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Friday, March 27, 2015

Two Cuties Came to Visit

 Nothing better than baby chuckles in the house.  Chatter from toddlers isn't half bad either.
The quietness in the house has been replaced by the hustle and bustle of some MN family.  It sure is nice to have visits to force you to get your house in order.  You know the things that you ignore because your too busy or don't feel like getting it? 

We have gotten a few sentences from Dakota.  I am grateful to his mission president for giving us much more information when he arrived.  I even got some pictures.  I miss the kid.  The Yukon sitting behind the house doesn't mean that Dakota's home from work, it means that he is gone.  Gone is fine, but I do miss him.  Kyle rearranged his room for company.  His "clean" room that he left, no longer shows that he was here, it is now "Dad" clean.  He is gone.  And he is well.  Thank goodness for the last part.


  1. Sweet...enjoy family! Dakota is where he needs to be and I know you know that!

  2. He's not "is gone", that sounds too sad. He is "has gone", as in "has gone to serve the Lord". Love you!