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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Making New Traditions

As my children get older it seems some of our traditions make way for new ones.  Kyle had an idea this year to give Christmas themed gifts to the kids at Thanksgiving.  So we bought them each a Christmas CD and a Christmas ornament and a red box to start collecting their ornaments for their own houses some day.

I have been working on changing my decorations the past few years and have some new additions to my tree.

The only bummer is that the dogs have eaten two of my new birds.  I'm getting to the point I'm over pets. Pet hair every where. Dogs everywhere.  They eat my couch ( to be fair, Dixie is the chewer).  Blair has been peeing on the floor lately...the kids seem to look over the care of their animals...not so much their health, but the cleanup.

Oh, enough fretting.  Christmas has been fun here.  We've worked at lifting people this season.  We've done our fair share.  It is such much fun helping people.  We were blessed with receiving a lot of meat from my dad.  So much that my two freezers couldn't hold it all.  We delivered a box of meat to four different families.  Then helped people with Christmas baking that couldn't physically do it all on their own.  So much love to pass out this time of year.

Miracles are often small pieces in our life.  So much of the missionary work we have done over a year has come to mean a lot to people.  To spread the love of the Saviour to people is probably my favorite thing to do.

I can't wait for Christmas to see the faces of my children when they open some heartfelt gifts.  Both of them have been saying they can't wait until we open what they found for us.  Even though we don't have little people we are still happy and excited for Santa.


  1. Your decorations are beautiful. Glad to see that the dogs are dividing the chewing and peeing chores so neither gets too worn out. ;)

    Hope you have a very happy Christmas!

  2. My in-laws always gave us and the kids ornaments. They had a nice collection going. I try to give an ornament for the family each year. One of the nicest bridal shower gifts I've seen was a set of beautiful Christmas ornaments. Something most folks wouldn't think of giving! We've seen our traditions change over the years and I'm trying to simplify my decorating by giving my Santas away to the kids for their own place. I hit pay dirt this year when Phil needed decorations for his house...made room for me to buy a few new ones..oops, I think that's not the idea of paring down is it...oh well, Merry Christmas to one of the nicest, most charitable families I know!

  3. Wonderful to hear how Yall are blessing others in need. I know you will be blessed in return. Fun idea to give the kids gifts to start their own future Christmas celebrations. But be sure they will always renember and probably carry on with the traditions they grew up with all these years. They may grow up, but they always finally realize times at mom and da's were the best. Awesome how Kayla is starting her own business. Wishing her the best!

  4. I like that idea of giving ornaments and CDs at Thanksgiving. Sounds like you made Christmas count with lots of good service. No wonder you enjoyed it so much!