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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Time Flys, where did November and December go?

It has been hectic.  Since Dakota has come home, seems like things have gotten busy.  Parent teacher conference season.  outdoor school again, grade cards, interims, National Geographic Geography Bee, National History Day Club, Christmas baking, shopping, oh who can forget Thanksgiving with the missionaries....lists to do, lists accomplished, phew...

Blogging, not sure I'm going to keep up next year.  I haven't decided.  I have made a decision that I am not going to peruse being a principal anymore.  I think I'm going to scale back on work committees and extras there.  I think I'm going to try to simplify.  I want more quality time to do the things that matter.

I want to serve more, focus more on the matters of the heart.  I want to enrich my soul.  Not sure where that will take me, or what calling that desire might bring on to help me grow, but that is the desire of my heart at this point in life.

My iPad camera is not able to be accessed so not pics this post.


  1. I miss getting your regular updates, so I hope you don't give up the blog altogether. Other than that, the simple life plan sounds good. :)

  2. I am doing the same thing this year…I hope!

    Wishing us both good luck on that…and a Merry Christmas,

    PS. I put up the annual Christmas story on my blog if you're looking for one.