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Monday, February 13, 2017


We downloaded the ponderize app a few weeks ago.  It is a free app to my frugal friends, but it reminds me 3 times a day to read my selected scripture of the week.

So what is ponderize might you ask? 

We have been taking turns at our house choosing a scripture of the week.  This has become our adult FHE for the week.  It has been good for me because my phone buzzes during the work day everytime I get an email.  Sometimes it is a reminder to ponderize.  Often I take the minute to read that family chosen scripture and it makes a difference in my day.

Our family has chosen to ponderize these scripture references over the last several weeks:

Ezekiel 37:15-17
Alma 37:35-37
Luke 2: 7-14
Luke 18:15-17
3Nephi 11:3-11
D&C 109:7-9
Moses 1: 1-42
Matthew 22:37-39
Moses 6:53-62
D&C 42:61

They come from lessons we felt the Spirit in or personal study, but it has been fun reading together and learning what each other find important in the scriptures.  We can see the lines each other have gained and enrich our own study.  I've enjoyed this in our lives.  More than that I enjoy when the kids come with a scripture when it isn't their turn, when they say I have one to share tomorrow, without being asked.  It took a long time to get people in the family want to study together. 

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