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Thursday, March 2, 2017

MN the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes and 1 Moose

 Some where in Crawford family history they gave each other nicknames.  Toby my father-in-law wanted to keep that tradition going, so he nicknamed all his kids and grandkids.  They wear their nickname with a badge of honor.  Kyle nicknamed our kids too.  Kota, is lovingly known as the moose.  He was always big for his age when he was little.  He even is an inch or so taller than his dad.  Anyhow the Moose stuck.

We did a major cannonball run with his last weekend.  A long exhausting trip.  We left for MN after my parent teacher conferences 2/23.  We headed northwest trying to beat a major snow storm that was going to hit the upper peninsula of Michigan.  At 7:30 pm we began our 19 hour quest in two vehicles bogged down with 22 years of accumulation and one canoe strapped to the top of Kota's car.

Our night owl son only made it until about 10:30 when mom had to take over driving.  (He thought he'd be able to drive until about 4 am. Ha!)  We took one whole family snooze at about 5 am for 30 minutes.  When we left at about 5:30 the sunrise was just coming up.  So running on less than an hours of sleep we resumed the quest to Klayton and Trisha's house where Kota is going to be living.
We made it at 2:00 Ohio time on Friday.  Kyle and I helped him unload with the help of Tricia and Kaleb.  Even little Kenzie and Kooper helped carry things upstairs to his new room.  We visited awhile then went to Robin and Toby's house to crash.  We were dog tired.  We took a couple hours snooze and enjoyed dinner and conversation with "the old people" and Kota.

 The plan was to get back to Klayton and Trisha's house to help Kota organize his room before half of the family came to visit Kyle.  When we got there to organize we were told no.  He didn't want help.  He'd do it himself when he felt like it.
 So, I swallowed my frustration and just said ok.  What do you do, he is 22?
 So we visited with Trisha and the kids while we waited on everyone to show up for a lasagna lunch.
 They trickled in, we had half of the family here to make it easier on one host.  We visited the other half that evening.
 It is great to see the nieces and nephews.  Brothers- and Sisters-in-law all came and chatted.

 So many Crawfords, all with a nickname...I can't ask for a more loving family to leave my first born with.

Mabel is the youngest at just 1 years old.  She won't be the youngest for long, two of the sisters-in-law are expecting, one boy in April and a surprise due in May.  That will put Robin's grandkids totaling in at 25.

I was so tired that I forgot to take pictures that evening at the other 1/2 party.  Such a big family, so
much love shown.  I feel like I left a piece of my heart in Minnesota this time.  I thought I was an old pro at this, but I guess I am not.  I left my Moose in Minnesota to become a man.  At least I don't have to wait until Mother's Day to talk to him.


  1. I wish him luck and for some reason I'm betting when he leaves that house the room will look the same! Ha! I hope he finds what he's looking for up there and gets many blessings in return! He'll be missed by us too!

  2. Your Moose is already a man, Stacy. Everywhere but in his mama's heart, and he'll always be your boy there. :)

    Best of luck to Dakota in his new adventures.