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Friday, March 17, 2017

50 is Nifty

So our friend Matt, planned a surprise party for his wife Connie, who turned 50 last Saturday.
 She was surprised!  It was a lot of fun to go.  We got to catch up with some old and dear friends.
 What a great day.  Tuesday we had a snow day Tuesday at the district that I was working at on Tuesday.  Administrators report even though the weather is not okay for the buses, but this day I was told to stay home and man the computer from the home front.  I did that and a little bit of organizing when I didn't have enough work at home to do.
 You have to love pinterest.  I learned to fold clothes a little differently to make a lot more space.
Vertically placing things instead of horizontally.  Hmm, noticeably different.

I love it when I'm organized.
So, Kota has been gone about a month.  I went into his empty (dirty) room on this organizing day.  I couldn't do it.  I miss him.  Being true to his normal personality he doesn't talk much.  I asked him before he left to call home weekly and let us know how things are going.  He has yet to call.  We text on occasion, we have called a few times when details of bills need worked out.  But, yet has he called to just let us know how things are going.  Why?  We've given him the world...I try not to take it personally, but I just want a glimpse into his life.  I care.

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  1. Good thing you're not Jordan's Mom. We joke that if we moved he wouldn't realize it for probably a year! Ha! I'm sure Kota is good and just busy getting settled. It's so hard to say goodbye and let them go because for so long we're a huge part of their lives and everything we do is for their welfare. You're a busy, strong lady and will soon realize that now you have a new chapter of your life just waiting to be written! Hang in there! Hope you're feeling better. I missed sitting behind you in church today!