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Friday, March 10, 2017

Not As Expected

 I went to bed last night wondering if we would get the 3-5 inches of called for snow.  Hoping that we wouldn't.  We had a busy day scheduled at Mid-Ohio with 4 children coming in to have a play-based assessment.  They are hard to schedule.  So when I  could hear the traffic driving by my bedroom window at 6:15 this morning.  I knew it was not what I expected, that we had less snow.
 Mind you, we had enough that I had to brush off the car before I could make the trek to Ashland.
 As I drove down the beautifully snow covered back roads on my way to Hawkins Market before work.  I could not stop smiling and thinking just how beautiful the snow was.  The thick, heavy flakes coated the trees and were just beautiful.

It was not all that I expected.  I made my way across the backroads to Hawkins Market to pick up cake donuts to celebrate Lillie's 70th birthday at work.  Lillie and I have a spunky relationship at work.  She is our school psychologist and she comes on play-base assessment days to help in the assessment of the children.  Every time we meet she tells me how old and tired she is.  We laugh and joke.  She was so happy with her cake donuts to celebrate.   A lot of things in life aren't as I expected, and most times they are much better.

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  1. Hawkins bakery is the best! I always tell folks at work I'm old and tired too..and it's true! Ha! It was lovely this morning. I snapped a few pics too. I think it looked prettier because we haven't had much this year!