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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A little of this and that

 I get the opportunity at being a youth leader again.  Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes I am pretty busy at work and don't want to be bothered.  The night of this cake decorating activity was one of those nights.  I had a work meeting until 5 pm, it takes about 30 minutes to get home.  So I decided to stop at the Hayesville Subway to get dinner as I did not want to be rushed before leaving for the activity at 6:30, still having to pick up frosting at Buehler's because 3 girls decided they were coming after I had already made my frosting and I knew I didn't have time to make more.  I waited in line for 25 minutes and had to leave as it was 10 minutes til 6 and he had 2 more subs to make.  Mind you it took 20 minutes to make 3 subs.  So I ran home changed clothes, grabbed the supplies and Kayla and headed to McDonalds instead.  Then to Buehlers, then to church with 3 minutes to spare.  Phew!  I was stressed and grumpy and really cursing the fact that I am in YW now, when my daughter is not!  I said a quick prayer to get over myself and let the activity go smoothly and to be able to find some joy in it.  These girls made beautiful cakes, the laughed and joked and worked, and my mood melted into contentment.  Isn't interesting how Heavenly Father knows what we need more than we do ourselves?  I am busy, always will be, but I have time to sacrifice for Him, and he knows that sometimes I need a responsibility to rise to my potential.  So much more fulfilling than watching TV.
 Kyle has the opportunity this past weekend to baptize our nephew Koltin.  That picture sums up those two.  Ornery boys, that like to laugh and joke.
 Coming to church with family support is the best.  I'm glad Kim and the kids are making a go of it again.  So many blessing from trying, giving, serving the Lord.  I realized that I might not have had the opportunity to be in YW with Kayla, but I do have the opportunity to be in YW with my niece, Kamryn.  Koltin, leaned over to Kyle later that night when we were at Grandma Benninghof's visiting with Robin and Toby, Uncle Kyle, I'm baptized.  Yes, you are, he said.  Such a simple phrase, with so much meaning.
Kayla learned to knit from my class.  She is much better than I am, natural raw talent.  So we found a pattern on pinterest, if you knit squares you can make them into bunnies.  Kayla went to town making squares and has decorated my mantle for Easter.  I have a bunny parade.
Happy Spring!


  1. YW is a tough calling. I've done it many times and have never had a daughter but I always learned something and have met so many wonderful girls...like Kayla! They give me hope for the future of the Church and will go on to raise wonderful families. I was so sorry to miss Koltin's baptism. I know he was excited and I'll be sure to praise him in class when I see him. He's so fun to have in class and he doesn't mind being the only boy! I'm glad Kim is back and I've always thought she was a special person...just like her brother! Plus she has an awesome last name..hehe!

  2. Young Women again?! You were made for that calling! That is so awesome that Kyle was able to baptize his nephew. I'm sure he is such an example to him. I wish I could knit because those bunnies are so adorbs!