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Friday, December 17, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I thought I'd share some of the things that I heard from my students this week.

student: Mrs. Crawford I really got my homework done, I just left it at home. Can I get another copy in case I lost it?

me: Did you forget or did you lose it?

student: both

My favorite for the week:

Student: I couldn't do my book report because my dog "pooped" on it.

me: I would like for you to bring in the book in a ziploc bag so that I know that really happend.

student: okay, but it had diahhera all over it!

me: okay, I'll let you borrow another book to finish up, but I want you to bring me the book tomorrow.

(He brought the book the next day. It really was "pooped" on).

Public education is a hoot!


  1. Mrs. Crawford..."Today my patient woke up from surgery and coughed a "loogie" up and it hit me in the face...today a patient having a c-section threw up on my hands while I was holding the emesis basin and I wasn't wearing gloves...today a new born baby peed on me..today a patient's ovary exploded in my face...today someone had blood on the bottom of their shoes and tracked it into the locker room and I almost set my lunch box on it...the end" P.S...can I be in your class?

  2. Sure you can be in my class...We only get snotty noses on a daily basis....otherwise other bodily fluids only come out on occassion, sometimes pet secretions too...but I've only seen that once in 4 years. That is why I ran screaming from health care, I can't handle the yuck!

  3. Well,...I'm there with Ya-ya and I won't even tell you MY horror stories or you might be running to the bathroom! But yes, those little everyday moments wake us up and help give us a sense of humor!!!

  4. Too funny! Wait until you're a principal - the teacher's stories will be nearly as creative. :-)

  5. They are funny! You have one of the most "interesting" jobs in the world!