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Friday, December 3, 2010

Girls Night Out

The boys went cold weather camping with the scout troop tonight...(dumb boys)....so we are having our traditional girls night out. Only tonight we had a few flaws in our tradition. Dakota was out driving with his instructor tonight so we had to take him up to the camp site. He signed up for the 5-7 pm slot...so we had to wait for him to be done in prime shopping and eating out time. We made a mad dash to Kohls to spend our Kohl's cash before it expired from Black Friday. We made it back in time to get Kota and dinner and the whole milk Kyle forgot to get (and couldn't take the 1 % we had in the fridge for fear of ridicule from the boys). We decided to go home and have a Twilight marathon...we have to pick up Eclipse tomorrow.

Here are the girls.....

All the makings for chocolate fudge......

time for PJ's.......

...and the studs! Me: Team Edward....Kayla: Team Jacob.....I'll have to teach my daughter rippling muscles and good looks aren't everything!

1 comment:

  1. I'd go with the girl's team!! The fudge looks like it's going to be delish, the movie -fun...and I CAN'T IMAGINE COLD WEATHER CAMPING!!!