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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teen Drivers, Gray hair, and Mother's Curses

I thought I was doing pretty good getting to 35 with little to no gray hair. I only have to color my hair if I want a color change, not to hide grays. Well there must be some truth to your teens turning your hair gray and I want to blame it on my teen driver.

It's amazing all the things you can do while your driving that you don't even have to think about...all those things start blaring when your son's behind the wheel. Like the pressure of a foot on the gas pedal or brake for instance. The passengers should not have to be held in their seat by a seat belt to start and stop a car under normal driving circumstances...I think I might have to see my friendly chiropractor for having whiplash!

What about taking a right turn on red. You stop, inch up until you can see, then go if there is nothing coming. Inch up, not get half way in the intersection so if there was something coming they would hit you anyway.

Oh, I have another one...Get in the left lane. Get in the left lane. THERE IS THE DRIVE, GET INTO THE LEFT LANE, as we are sitting in a diagonal across the driving lane and turn lane in the middle of State Route 42 (on the way to driving school ironically).

Or stop, stop, STOP! The amazing thing is that he says quit yelling at me it makes me frustrated...like he didn't hear the two times I said it in a normal tone. He only hears when I have to yell it....talk about be frustrated.

We haven't had any real mishaps, just some heart stoppers or accelarators....

Did you know the speed limit in Hayesville is still 35 and not, oops I'm doing 45?

I'm sure we all looked like this when we began driving...this is when you hear your mom's curse in your head....just wait until YOU have kids. Yep, they frustrate me as much as I frustrated her, but I still love 'em!


  1. I always hated the drive home from getting the permit...yes, they were allowed to drive, but could they really be capable?? Driving home on a narrow street with cars parked on one side, one of the boys said.."Gee they look so much closer when you pass them"...that's because you need to MOVE OVER!! So I feel your pain and I have the gray hair to prove it!

  2. Hilarious! I could just imagine all of that in my head! Oh dear. It is kind of scary that Dakota's driving. I'm sure my parents sent out an SOS to the entire world when I started driving!