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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend at the Crawford's

Fun Friday at seminary we have a homemade breakfast with the kids and do some scripture mastery games. We attempted Hilltop Restuarant cinnamon rolls like we had on vacation this summer. They were yummy, but not as good as the restaurant. This would be worth investigating some more...

We already had some snow this morning. We get to sit out in this for several hours tonight watching a play-off game.
Kota trying on a union suit for under the football uniform tonight. It's supposed to be 31 degrees at game time.

It seems life has us stretched in many different locations this year. You think with all the stretching I'd be taller and thinner, but I'm the same dumpy, pleasantly plump self. Today, I went to my classroom again to get caught up (or at least ready for Monday.) Kyle and the kids went to Grandma Beninghof's to finish up on the ramp he's been building for when Grandpa comes home from the nursing home on Tuesday.

Kota had to be at Hayesville at 12:45 for a pancake and sausage breakfast before the big game tonight. I had to get some groceries so we would be ready for the week. Kyle dropped Kayla off at my work on the way through town so I could have some help with the groceries. I decided to get a pair of boots since it is going to be so cold tonight. I tried on several pair...they don't make them to go over plump legs. I am still bootless. I hope to find a pair later at the fin. I get depressed everytime I have to go clothes shopping....it doesn't usually happen when I go shoe shopping! :(
I started copying the papers for the 24 days of Christmas idea we are doing for our RS meeting on Thursday today at the school building. Wow! is that a lot of paper. I forgot to bring 1/2 the book so I will have to make another trip and buy a lot more paper. I'm looking forward to the evening. I still have to go through my Christmas stuff to see if I want get rid of anything. Lots to do, lots to do.
I am sure thankful for the extra hour of sleep tonight since we will be out late with the football game and have to be up early for church in the morning. Good luck Falcon boys! We love you regardless the out come! Good job on a great season.

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