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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little Princess gets a Buck

How long does is take for a Crawford girl to sit in the freezing cold woods and shoot her first buck? 1 hour. She wasn't messing around. Smart girl. Get the deer then you can go inside where it's warm.

So she kept up her end of the taunting with her brother. She got the good buck before he did. Last year was Dakota's first time hunting. He shot at a bigger Buck and missed it. Oh well, at least he's a good sport about it. He says he'll get his tomorrow. They didn't have time to go back out in the woods after tagging and getting pictures taken at the Fin today. Kota has to get ready for the big game tonight.

Can you say Hillbilly. We have a deer hanging on our back porch. I'm going to be processing deer meat this week. This will be interesting because I've never done that before. Pig and cow, but not deer.
We are going to can most of it like my mother-in-law does because it makes it tender and good. It makes the best stew meat. Then we are going to make some jerky. We shall see if we do well.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Tim. He helped us a lot with hunting the last two years. He went with Kyle and the kids again. He sat with Kayla in the tree stand as Kyle sat with Dakota in the brush pile.
The big question now is whether or not to mount the head. Kayla's uncle Kasey in MN said daughter's first year buck is priceless. So do we fork out the big bucks ($$$) or not?


  1. Ohhheee! Hunting Bambie is not me but congrats on your good luck! My mother used to can all kinds of things and I sure thought it was good. I'm sure you'll have a winter full of delicious meals!!

  2. Oh man..are you kidding me? Did she go get pedi and a mannie when all was done? I'm all for a girl showing everyone up, but just can't get into eating that meat. Well, good job Kayla...cammo wear does look good on you!