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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Move over Starbucks!

The nice thing about the cool fall, almost wintery weather is a good cup of hot cocoa. We've perfected how to not spend $5 a cup for a creamy, hit-the-spot, warm, comforting cup of chocolate.

We use hot cooca mix from the church food storage, coffee creamer (I like chocolate carmel or mint chocolate truffle that's out right now.) And you can't forget the spray of whipped cream.

Get your water ready.....

Poor in the steaming water into your cup with the creamer and cocoa mix alreay in there.

Don't forget the whipped cream. So move over Starbucks we make it ourselves. I spend less than $5 on the whipped cream and creamer which makes several mugs. Depending on who's squirting the whipped cream. (the boys tend to use more)

Then you get to hold your steaming cup of comfort, to forget about those grey days that my friend was blogging about!
Do you ever have a mug that you just always want to use? Is it the same one your teenage daughter always wants to use? Until Kayla got a new mug in MN this summer we use to try to get the mug out of the cupboard first. Funny the things you do for a laugh in the family. I love this little Moritz concrete mug because it fits snuggly in my hands and makes it easy to warm up when I feel like I need a little warming in this old drafty house.
I'm so cheap when it comes to heating the house...we keep the thermostat on 65* so that our gas bill isn't outrageous. Kyle always sneaks it up to 68* so it's not so unbearable. He even goes all crazy on Christmas morning and turns the heat up to 72* so that we can have a warm cozy Christmas. He's a firm believer that is not Christmas unless you're warm and cozy.
It seems that warm and cozy is what we all want here tonight.


  1. Now you're speaking my language! I have a fav mug from Alaska...I had to have a cup of hot cocoa when we were there even though it was 80de. out. I actually have 2 but I prefer one over the other. We heat with wood, but the temps are still all over the place, cold, then warm and it's too hard to regulate the heat. Next week it's suppose to be cold starting on Wed. and I think that will be the beginning of wood heat for this winter season. Enjoy the cocoa..I think the Church has the best mix ever!

  2. MMMM! You're speaking my language! Between you and Yaya...I am really wanting to be snuggley and drink cocoa on these grey days! Have a good weekend!! Game this weekend??