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Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've always sworn off the Black Friday Shopping day. I'm not really interested in being out in the crowd and hustling for savings. It's worth it to me to pay regular prices as to not have to be up before the sun is shining. Well, this year my husband said, Walmart is having some really good deals, let's try it. Being a shopping sucker and liking the fact my husband wanted to spend some money, I took the bait. We dragged our daughter with us, while Dakota chose to stay at home sleeping where I should have stayed. We witnessed a fight at Walmart over a laptop. We ended up only getting one of the great deals because it really wasn't worth it to me to fight over electronics. We went to McDonald's and had a nice hot, quiet breakfast. We moved on to Home Depot to get our $0.99 poinsettas and then ventured into Kohls. We bought some more gifts and then ended at Sam's Club finishing off the kids' list. Christmas isn't as magical when Santa isn't involved; meaning you can have your daughter try things on first.

Later is when the real magic for me started. We started several years back going to Grandma and Grandpa Beninghof's to cut a live Christmas tree. I told Kyle since it was so biting cold that when we found a good one, I didn't want to look for one better I just wanted to take that one. I found a tree right away and he cut it down.

Tada, this is not a Charlie Brown tree at all. It's nice and full all the way to the top!

They always look smaller in the outside, but when you bring it in, they really fill up the space we put the tree in the house.
It really fills up the bay window where we like to put our tree.

I really like live poinsettas. I really like the reds. I'm not sure why I like them, but I always have to buy some at Christmas time.
Athena's first Christmas and she is really checking everything out. She got herself stuck inside the box of the ornaments came out of. Silly kitty.
Kyle and Kota worked hard at setting up the outside decorations in the bitter cold. We haven't had lights and decorations outside for awhile. I convinced Kyle to put things out this year.

Happy Birthday Carlo. My Brother has Thanksgiving for my dad's side of the family the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year we celebrated my nephew Carlo's birthday too. Every scout-aged kid needs a multi-tool don't you think?

Baby Malea is getting so big.
Carter and Kota decided to trek around outside for a bit, but came back in shortly since it was so cold outside.

Not too bad of spread for the second Thanksgiving Dinner.

My sister Amy.
Carter attacking the birthday cake with a butter knife to eat it...too cute!

Kota enjoying the birthday cake too. Kayla missed out on the dinner, she was at a friend's house, partly my fault since I thought the dinner started at 5 pm not noon. Oh well, we had a good time anyhow.
I love our traditions.

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  1. Your tree looks beautiful!! Not a Charlie Brown at all!! I'm not a Black Friday shopper either...too much hub-bub!!