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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second Round Championship Winners!

We are in week two of the Ohio High School Division V Football Playoffs. This is the second year in a row that our team has made it this far. It is very exciting because Dakota is a part of the team.

We are not in Kansas (or Jeromesville) anymore. It reminds me of the movie Hoosiers.

The field was ginormous! We didn't come close to filling up the homeside seats, but we made a good dent in the reserved seat section! Our team has a great community following. They really support and spoil the boys. This past week the Methodist Church in Jeromesville gave them a spaghetti dinner. Friday they were treated to Wendy's because the local owner's son is on the team. (second week for that treat.) Not to mention they got chauffered by charter buses instead of the regular school bus.
Fancy score boards at the Bowling Green University Stadium. Bowling Green's Mascot is the Falcons too...maybe that was a good omen (if you believe in that sort of thing.)
The team getting psyched up for the game!

The infamous bell. The president of the school board's son is a senior this year. He brings this bell and rings it everytime the defense is on the 3rd or 4th down to help pump up the boys and the crowd. It works every time.
Dakota on sideline duty. His job is to help cheer on the varsity right now.

What a stand-up and shout kind of a game tonight. The Falcons were ready for some pay back from play-offs last years. They faced-off against Patrick Henry Pariochial School. The Falcons were up 20-13 at half-time. They played hard and maintain a lead most of the game. In the fourth quarter Patrick Henry made a come back from our third quarter lead. They ended up tying the game with 1 minute and 33 seconds left in the game (due to some passive offensive play calls by our coach and a few penalties by the boys.) Anyhow, the boys took back control with three passes to senior Ryan Moore. Ryan and the quarterback Trevor Cline were on the same wave length for those last 90 seconds. Due to that we did not have to go into overtime and won 48-41. Whew! That was too close, but no less of a win. We earned another week of football practice and another weekend in the stands. (it's all good!) I wonder when Dakota's going to get driver's ed? We shall see.
You earned them boys, let see those Falcon Jacks!
F-F-FAL-C-C-ONS, Falcons, Falcons, Falcons! On to the next!
Styling motor coach for the Champions!

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  1. Congrats!!! I heard about how well the team was doing at work...everyone is so excited. Great job...looks like a great game! How nice that they really cheer on the team with dinners etc. Hard work deserves it! They probably don't even remember those August 2adays!!