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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hang up the Football and Bring out the Basketball

Ahhhh, no more mohawk head. I'm glad to have my boy back. I don't really like the extreme hair, but it's worth looking at for the feeling of being a team member. And it only last a couple of weeks. If this is the worst thing my teenager does, I'm in good shape!

No more mohawk head, so we just have the summer buzz cut getting ready for winter!

So our family has hung up the football season and is moving right into basketball. Although Kota doesn't play basketball Kayla cheers. Here she is in her brand new uniform. She doesn't get someone else's hand-me-downs in high school. She has a uniform tailored to fit just her. (She was so excited about that detail.)

Tonight was picture night for them so she got to break out the new uniform shoes and pose for the camera.

Last year the basketball team won the WCAL Championship (if I'm not mistaken)...it should be interesting going to basketball games. I haven't been to a high school basketball game since I was in high school. We've watched several middle school games over the last two years to go and see Kayla cheer, but it will be interesting sitting in the big crowd and having the band and all the hipe that goes with High School sports.


  1. Now basketball I like...Jackie played his senior year for Hillsdale...at the same time Craig played for Ashland...that was after 3yrs of going to AHS games with both J&C..after 3yrs of going to middle school games...after...oh never mind. You won't freeze your keister off either. Hey, Kayla looks so much like you in these pics! Cute!!!

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! So glad to meet a fellow teacher...education is till my passion! It's a hard job but so very rewarding. I will have 16 student teachers to supervise next semester! Pray for me:) I'm off to check out your blog and read more about your cute kids! Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  3. I know what you mean about glad to get a "normal" haircut back...my kids didn't cut their for sports seasons but I had one that decided to dye his blonde and it turned out BRIGHT red right before prom....those pictures! lol!! Kayla look great in her uniform...she's so cute! I was a cheerleader too and taller than the others. Can understand why she loves her taylor made!! And so the season starts...fun!