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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go

When I think of hunting, I think of the Elmer Fudd character from Looney Tunes. Every Sunday morning before church my sister, brother and I would camp out in front of the TV with our cereal and watch the Looney Tunes. Elmer was always after Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny.
Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit, he would sing with his speech impediment. But that's not the kind of hunting my husband and children have in mind.

They are all packed up tonight for the first day of youth deer season tomorrow morning. No sleeping in for these cats, they will be out at the crack of dawn (literally) to be in tree stands and deer blinds. Freezing their buns off for a trophy buck.

Kids, what kids?...........
Oh, there they are!
Last weekend after the game we camped out at a Holiday Inn Express in Perrysburg, Ohio.
That way we could visit the best places to get the hunting gear these two still needed (or wanted).
See, it even says it's the best place to get hunting gear.
I love the wild life statues and the autumn leaves still hanging in on this tree.
The shop is all decorated in back woods style.

That is one huge Christmas Tree. Probably 20-30 feet tall!
That is one heck of a fire place. I could get used to cozying up next to it with a good book!

They had fun hunting games for the kids. Look even a cute pink one for the girly, girl.
It's alot easier when they aren't moving targets.
Nice shot Moose!
This was one huge aquarium for fresh water fish.
Kayla's checking out a pike (I think). The glass was about 6 inches thick.

The Buffalo are from Cabela's. We traveled the extra 30 miles up into Michigan to see if they had anything else we wanted, I mean needed. The best part about Cabela's for me is the Russel Stover Outlet acrossed the street!
We shall see what our hunters come up with. They are leaving with the motto, "If its brown it's going down."

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  1. Good luck with the deer thing..I'm not a hunter and don't like deer meat, but I'm glad the herds get thinned out and maybe stay out of the way of my car! Don't feel guilty that while you were enjoying such a great weekend I was stuck in boring meetings for 2 days..really, don't feel guilty...hmmm, I think I hear crickets...Good luck Falcons! Arrows weren't quite as lucky last night.