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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Name them One by One

I'm counting my blessing today. Rightfully so being Thanksgiving and all. I'm just going to list everything I've been thinking about over the week.

1. Of course, my family

2. My Faith (that keeps me plugging away at life)
3. My church family

4. Our jobs (which keeps the house functioning)

5. Our old victorian home (that keeps us warm, when I turn up the heat)

6. Our cars that get us every where we want/need to be
7. Memories of what we've learned
8. Memories of what we've overcome

9. My marriage that was announced 17 years ago (stressing our parents out because we only knew each other for 2 weeks.)

10. Visiting Teaching (laughing and crying with my sisters)

11. Relief Society (for all the things I've learned to manage my faith, family, and home)

12. Genealogy (a hobby that makes me happy)

13. teaching under priveledged students (even when it's hard)

14. watch my children figure out who they are

15. watching my children grow into good people

16. the smell of good food being cooked in my kitchen

17. the testimony I have that gets me through the trials in life

18. Priesthood blessings, for when I feel like I've been pushed over the edge

19. pumpkin pie with whipped cream

20. warm cups of hot cocoa on gray days....

...There are so many more, but the list is endless.

It's amazing when you take the time to count your blessings to see how quickly they add up. So I'm going to try to count blessing more when I'm feeling discouraged. It's an instant attiude adjustment.

Happy Thanksgiving....I hope yours was as blissful as mine.

I can't forget my daughter's kittens who like to attack your feet and hide in the decorations...


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your list of blessings are wonderful. I hope you Thanksgiving day was full of wonderful family memories.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all! The list is a good one and I found many of my blessings on there too. Thanks Stacy for all you do to help me at church and being like a daughter to me...Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Lots of blessing to be thankful for...good that we take time to remember!! Looks like you had a great day!!