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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BRRR! Track Season

Tonight the coldest night of the week according to th extended forcast, we were couched out in the community stadium watching our son in his second track meet of the season.  I came with an under armor shirt, hooded sweatshirt and hooded windbreaker.  With all my wintry layers, I sat huddled in a double layered king sized quilt, sipping hot cocoa to warm the inerds.  Despite all my teeth chattering, I felt bad for these kids who were in their shorts and tank tops to strut their stuff.
 Dakota competed in four events tonight.  His 4x100 relay team came in 1st place.  Whoohoo, all the cold weather fanfare was worth shivering over.  I got to see my kid hand-off the baton to the boy sprinting the final leg of the relay. He also ran in the 4x 200 relay and they placed 3rd.
 He ran the 110 meter and 300 meter hurdles he placed 5th in both of those.
 The spring-like weather of snow was showing itself this evening.  It was so cold.  But, overall the team and Kota did well.
It's fun when you can hang out with the competion, Noah from his YM's quorum was there.  Noah had a great meet to.  We saw him place 1st in a couple of races. 
By the end of season we will be complaing because we got sunburnt.  So here we go, track season, off to the traditional subzero temps.


  1. I especially like that first picture. Maybe if you were out there running with the kids you'd have felt warmer. :-)

  2. Is there anything better than cheering our kids on?! Congrats to your son! It looks cold out there!
    Just wondering how far you are from Mansfield? I grew up there...and all of my family still lives there.
    BTW, sunburn is so much better than teeth chattering, I think! :)

  3. Good job Kota! Don't worry Stacy, it's going to be 80 on Sunday. What crazy weather! Wish I could run like that again, but my knees say no way! Have a good weekend and I'll see you next Wed.!

  4. Hi Kerri,
    I am 15 miles from Mansfield. Hayesville is straight down US 30. We are the halfway point to Wooster.
    I love cheering my kids on, especially now when the mothering is so close to adulthood. :)

  5. Good job kota! how fun is it to see the kids excel! I remember those days all bundled up watching track and field hocky.