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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Life is in a pretty normal pattern right now.  It seems like nothing special is going on.  Boring really.
It seems like all I'm going is waking up, showering, eating breakfast, going to school, dealing with students (good and bad), grading papers, cleaning house, laundry, cooking (Kyle usually does this, even if I start he takes over), watching a bit of TV, reading a book, falling asleep.  We have a track meet or two thrown in during the week.  There is scouts on Wednesday nights, but all in all, it is quiet.

I am so not complaining!  It is nice to have some quiet for awhile.  It seems like I am just waiting for something.  I'm not sure what that may be.  Summer?  I don't know.  I think I am going to grab a summer job this year to help pay on my lofty student loan bill.  Not to mention Kayla's class ring, Kota will probably get a Varsity letter in track, if he keeps racking up points, that means a varsity jacket.  It seems like expenses are coming faster than income right now.  But, that always goes in cycles.

We are getting ready for the Ohio Achievement Test at school.  Maybe that's it.  It's high stress time.  Did I teach them everything they need to know?  Will they remember all the strategies that we've worked on?  Will they remember what a simile is, even though we've talked about it several times this year?  It's hard letting 28 students get a grade for your years work.  I hope the effort I put into them is the output I get from them.  It's a gamble really.  A very public gamble.

No matter what happens, I know I worked hard for those students.  I hope it's enough. 

I'm looking forward to sunshine and blue skies with white puffy clouds.  Maybe that's what I'm waiting for, warmth....Hmm?


  1. Your worries about the students sure sounds very similar to worry we have when raising kids! Will they remember...will they do well...does anything make a difference...yes Stacy, you are a good teacher and they will do well! Now if you're shooting for normal, well give up girlfriend. I know you and Kyle and it's never going to happen...so be happy being abnormal..hey, it works for me!

  2. My daughter is a special ed teacher and I hear the same from her. they have to do so good school wide it affects their federal money.
    You kids will be grown and gone before you know it. It is good to be boring. thank you for your visit I appreciate it so much
    Happy Easter

  3. Boring is good and gets you ready for when they leave the nest. Life seems to just go faster though and I am NEVER bored! As for school, you just have to trust that they've listened well enough to test well. I'm sure it will all be good. Happy Easter!!!

  4. I know I'm waiting right now too...waiting for some sunny weather! All this rain does not have me very motivated!

    Knowing that you have done the best job teaching your students...trust that they will do well on their tests. I'm sure I would feel the same way. Where do you teach? I graduated from good old Mansfield Sr. High!

    Happy Easter Stacy!