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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Buck Stops Here

Do you remember Kayla's Buck that she shot on her first hunting trip back in Novemeber?  Well, IT's B-aaa-ckkkkk!  That thing is looking over our dinner table.  Ironic, I guess.  That is his temporary home.  I said I would let it stay there a little while, then it gets moved up into her room.

This little tuft of hair on its neck is a rare feature the taxidermist said.  He said that you only see a few deer a year like this.

To recap the adventure, Kayla went out hunting for her first time with brother, dad and Uncle Tim.  They were out in the woods for about 30 minutes when she shot her first buck ever.  To be out in the woods for only 30 minutes, to get an 8 point buck on her first time, well let's just say beginners luck!

Kota you will get one one of these days....maybe!


  1. I'm not sure I'd have dead things on my wall if my house was haunted like yours...just sayin'. I bet Bambi's mom was thrilled when that deer had it's cowlick..or would that be a deerlick?..just like all the deer in it's family..and now you've killed it. I'm just such a softie..I don't want the deer over populated so I hit them, but I don't want to see them shot. Hey, maybe deer birth control pills??? What ever. Good job Kayla..I think. I might change my outlook if the 6 deer that seem to visit my yard everyday eat my garden this summer. I may have to use my bow and arrows or just have Kota come over so he can have a deer head on his bedroom wall too.