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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

18 Years Old

Dakota turned 18 today.  He is pretty excited about that fact.  We decided the best things we could get him right now were warm clothes for his college stay in Minnesota.  He is planning to go to Vermilion College in Ely, the one we visited last summer.
He is about a 1/2 hour from the city with the lowest temperature in  the lower 48 states (according to Kyle).  We have him all decked out with this lovely hat you see him dog eared in.  (crazy nut)  We got him a carhart jacket, nice leather work gloves, thermal underwear, and shirts to wear in layers.  Oh and maybe a few tools to add to his tool box since he won't be able to raid his dad's stuff when he is in the middle of no where.
To welcome in Kota's birthday today he got yummy cupcakes from his seminary teacher.  Then got to come home and watch a movie because school was delayed due to cold temperatures.  It was 12 degrees today with a wind chill of -35 degrees.  (Minnesota won't delay school for these temperatures, this is a normal day Kyle told Kota today.)  Yep, definitely needs those thermal underwear.  (hehe)

To celebrate we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant the Lotus in Ashland.  Then came back to have cake and ice cream with grand parents.  Great-Grandpa Steigerwalt even made it over.  He enjoyed looking at Tina our version of Garfield the cat.

It just seems like yesterday we brought the colicky baby home from the hospital.  Now he is all grown-up and making preparations to fly the coop and begin preparing for his career.  I'm proud of that fact, but still sad.  We just finalized the plans on taking him up to MN, Including the date we will be coming home; son less. (That is going to be a hard trip home.)  But for now, he's here and I'm going to enjoy every moment.

Happy Birthday Moose!  Last one at home for awhile. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Kota! He can break in those clothes this week right here in Ashland..brrrrr...I know the feeling of kiddos leaving the nest. It's hard, but we did it to our parents and we and they survived. It's the circle of life thing and I know he'll miss all of you too!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dakota! Seems like just a year or so since he turned 12 and wanted out of Primary.

  3. I like that hat! Looks like it will keep his ears nice and warm! Turning 18 is such a milestone. I know the years fly by quickly! Enjoy having your son home as long as you can.