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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Date to Warm my Heart

Saturday was the first time Dakota was too old to go on a Boy Scout activity.  Instead we went on a Mother-Son date.  We went over to Mansfield to the $1 theater as we call it and saw Skyfall for $2 bucks!  Can't beat that.  Before the movie we grabbed a hamburger at Burger King. 

Kota was driving because Kyle had our car and Kayla went to work.  Anyhow, we were heading into Burger King and we saw a man holding a sign.  Dakota looked at him and said, man that makes me feel bad.  I recounted a memory of a visit to Salt Lake City were we saw lots of professional beggars and said, use the Spirit to know what you should do.

We ordered our food.  And talked as much as a teenage boy with food in front of him does.  And he said again, boy that really makes me feel bad for that man.  Mom I have to do something.  Again I said, are you sure, sometimes people are just scamming for money. 

He said mom, I feel like I am supposed to help him.  I have a gift card in my wallet from Christmas that I haven't used yet.  Is it okay to give that?  I said sure.  I watched my son, tramp through the snow to the intersection next to Burger King with a warm heart.  He wasn't afraid to give the man what he had.

No matter the tough times in growing into adulthood, if he can take the time to listen to the sweet whisperings of the Holy Ghost and ignore earthly council to do what is right, we as his parents have done our job!

Thanks Moose, for a Saturday filled with a nice memory-making moment; where I learned a life lesson from you.


  1. Our kids have much to teach us, don't they. I really believe they are sent to teach us, not the other way around.

  2. I enjoyed our lunch on Sunday and I really enjoyed Dakota and Kayla..you guys did a great job raising them. Seeing his tender heart and generosity is inspiring. I wish I had the impulse and not the cynical side of me as I've grown older..I too would think it's a scam. I'm just getting so crusty in my old age!

  3. What a wonderful young man Dakota is to have a heart for others. And you are a blessed mom to have him as your son! I enjoy your stories, they remind me of our times when the kids were all home. They are all in their 20's now and have little families of their own. Enjoy them. Even when they leave the nest you will still enjoy them.

  4. Wow ... a young man with compassion for others. Good job, Mom!! And even if, by some chance, that dude was a "professional beggar" it is the condition of your son's heart that counts with the Almighty. At least, that is my belief. :)

    I tagged you for a "Liebster Award" and if you care to play along, all the details are here: http://www.threadedlife.net/2013/01/awwwwww-im-honored.html