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Monday, January 14, 2013

Untraveled Roads

Life is at a turning point.  One that is new, scary and different.  One that no matter how much planning, preparing, and fretting is beginning to come to pass.  Gentle reminders have been plaguing me over the past few weeks.  In one week my son will turn 18.

Although we have four more months of high school, we will never have another first day of school.  He will be attending college 1200 miles from home.  He will be in a different time zone.  He will be left to make decisions on his own.  Some of which will have long lasting consequences, which could be in his favor or not.

What a weird transition from child to adult.  Even weirder is that tug of grief, a sense of loss.  Yet knowing that at every end there is a new beginning.  Oh the possibilities of the places he can go.  Who knew eighteen years could go by so quickly?  What a bittersweet crossroad I am at.  I hope that all those lessons taught will have made an impression on his heart.


  1. They will have. Hang tight, big changes can bring big blessings. And yes, time does move swiftly. :)

  2. All these feelings will explode when he leaves for college. Then after he comes home the first time you' 'll clap your hands in joy when he goes back! Trust me on this!

  3. Oh I remember that time with both my girls. It was harder with the first one then the second I have no idea why.
    Both went away to school and now both live about four hours away. Thank goodness for the internet. I miss them but they are well adjusted capable women and I am happy I let them fly:) Hugs B

  4. Just as Buttons above, I remember all too well becoming an empty nester. The good news is, they do come home often and you find new things to fill your time. Love your blog and will be following.