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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grow My Blog

Crawford Clan Weekly is just my way to make a personal journal about my family.  I am excited about this blog party.
I share what it is like to be a mother of two teenagers.  One of which turns 18 this week.  I will be transitioning into adult children and the things that go with that.  I am a teacher.  I teach sixth grade and will blog about that on occasion.  I volunteer through my church a lot and work on just being a good Christian woman.
My hobbies are photography and genealogy I post about those experiences as well.  I love reading about the people I follow on my blog.  I have treasure their comments and reading about their lives.  People I have never had a verbal conversation with have helped to change my life.  This has been a great therapeutic source for me.

I hope to make many new blogging friends through this party.

My give away will be a 4x6 print of one of my original pictures.  You may choose this one or any that I have in my blog.  Just leave a comment and you'll be entered into the drawing. I will choose my winner on Saturday, January 26th!   Happy blogging.


  1. nice to meet you. a new follower - glad for this blog hop. do have a great weekend. please enter me into your giveaway. what a gorgeous shot. i love taking pics. hope you will stop by my blog too. take care. ( :

  2. What a cool giveaway. Count me in! (Of course, I already follow you and have for ages...with great enjoyment, I might add.)


  3. Hello,

    Nice to meet you.
    I would like to try my luck in your giveaway.
    There is a giveaway on my blog,too.


  4. Hello Stacey, nice to meet you and visit your wintery blog! Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Hey Stacey! Nice promo and pics! I'm a follower as you know and I think you're a wonderful blogger! Plus I sit behind you at Church each week! Hope you meet all kinds of new bloggers!

  6. Hi. Your photos are beautiful. I am enjoying strolling thru your blog and following .

  7. You have a lovely blog. I'm a new follower and participant of 'Grow your Blog'. Have fun at the party!
    Evalina, This and that...

  8. Great photography. Lovely. I came here from Vicki's party, still going strong. Do stop by my blog too and enter the giveaway. See you there.

  9. My son turns 18 in October and will be graduating this year. He wants to go to college in the States so will be thousands and thousands and thousands of miles away. Yikes! Congrats to your daughter on all her good efforts. Best wishes, Tammy

  10. I love your photography so I better win!! hehe But for real!

    Anyway, your hair looks different. Did you do something new to it?

    You are an amazing Christian woman.

  11. You have beautiful photography and a challenging job teaching grade six. You are right there are lots of good reasons to blog.I have met wonderful people. Do not enter me in your blog I will enjoy your photos on here. They are beautiful. B

  12. Love your sunset photo! Good luck growing your followers. :)

  13. Nice to meet you! Have fun growing your blog!
    Hugs Marilou