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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Itasca State Park

 We traveled up to Itasca Stake Park the other day with Robin and the kids.  We went to see the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

 Here it is.  This is the start of the Mississippi.  It flows out of Lake Itasca.  It said it takes 90 days for 1 droplet of water to leave this sight and reach the Gulf of Mexico.


 There was so much wildlife up here.  We drove a wilderness highway, it was a one way road the wove through the forest.  We were looking for those elusive black bears and moose, but didn't come across any.  We did see the biggest white pine in the forest.
 It stands over 300 feet tall and was quite impressive.

 We enjoyed another picnic lunch.  I have to see these quiet, lazy days are my favorite.

Just a couple more days and then we are coming home.


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  2. i am enjoying the trip with you! the scenery is lovely in this post, and the people are cute too.

  3. Beautiful area of our country. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Don't cry when you have to leave...Ok, maybe a little tear for Dakota!

  4. Beautiful, and great pictures, Stacy! This has been an awesome trip for you. So glad that you are building all of these wonderful memories with your family.

  5. Thanks for the photos. These are sights I've never seen. Quite spectacular!


  6. You guys are cute. Geez Dakota is so strong! lol It looks really pretty up there.