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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Cabin in the Big Minnesota Woods

Come take a tour with me.  We are staying at Grandma Beninghof's Minnesota cabin.  It's located about 6 minutes north of Robin and Toby's house.  We are staying here for the visit this time and I just love it!
 Kyle and Kota are chillaxing in the living area.  Here is where Kyle and I are sleeping.  I was excited about the king size bed, just like home!
 Robin put in a little refrigerator for us and we are getting to make our own breakfasts before we go.

 This little stove took of the chill our first night here was a bit cold, but has been fine since.
 Kota is sleeping here on night he doesn't have to work with Kory the next morning.  Amazing how one sleeping body makes the house feel complete.
 Kayla is sleeping here when she not staying with cousin Autumn.
Tiny bathroom that is just right for the cabin.
We have been enjoying stellar breakfasts prepared by Chef Kyle.
Outside of the cabin we have been trying to find the right balance between relaxing, visiting and touring.
The kids worked hard cleaning up a garden pond for grandma and enjoyed a dip in a frigid lake afterwards.
White pines are every where up here and are just "coning" out and are beautiful.

Have you ever seen a fairy garden?  Robin has this little beauty in her patio area.  So cute, I'm going to have to look at getting one when I get back home.  Kota is getting acclimated to the area, I'm getting ready to let him go.  I know the longer we are here that the Lord wants him here.  I have enough faith to trust that.  I'm glad that we can Skype and call each other, I do believe this will make the mission departure so much easier in 6 months.

7 more days in my son's physical presence.  I'm going to miss the rumble of the old beater truck pulling in behind the house.  The silly giggle when he's happily teasing one of us, and the love budges that send me flying a few feet just to get my attention. 


  1. It's good to see that you are having such a nice time. And thank goodness for Skype and cell phones. :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  2. This looks like the perfect spot with your family!

    Have fun!!


  3. What a cute cabin! I love it and it's on a lake too..perfect! I can see you're having fun and I hope the weather has been good too. I have a blogger that makes "fairy gardens" in old wheelbarrows..you'll have to check it out when you get back..very cute. Say hi and bye to Kota for us..I miss him too! We miss you guys..Jack and Derrick had a campout at the scout cabin in his woods..

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