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Saturday, June 22, 2013

On the Way Home

The last few days in Minnesota went quick.  We visited our favorite town of Walker and enjoyed walking around the shops.  Then we went to the casino to eat at their seafood buffet.

It was good.  I tried crab legs for the first time and really enjoyed them.  I knew I didn't like imitation crab meat, but the real deal was okay.
 We found this beauty in the bottom meadow at Robin and Toby's place.  It's an old loggin' truck that will make a cameo in Kayla's senior pics.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this bathing beauty.  We woke up at the crack of dawn 5:15 am this morning to come home.  With a thick lump in my throat, I hugged my Moose goodbye until the holidays.  I didn't let the tear fall until I got in the car, then Kyle distracted me by asking me to set up the GPS for the hotel.  That was it, no sobbing or blubbering, just a lump in the throat.  We traveled until 5:30 pm tonight and landed in St. Ignace Michigan.

We enjoyed a diner dinner of hamburgers and French fries and then walked the town to get rid of some of the grease.
I'm trying to figure out what kind of bird posed so nice for me, but I can't figure it out.  I think it might be a tern of some sort.

Can you see the big boulder under the water?  It was about 20 feet down or so, it was neat looking at them.

This was the view from our balcony at the hotel.  It is gorgeous overlooking Lake Huron.

Kayla threw all her left over fries to these hungry gulls.  Boy did they get all excited.

This guy is wondering why she quit throwing fries.  It was a beautiful evening in St. Ignace.  Tomorrow, 8 more hours in the vehicle, just to turn around and leave for three more days.  Civil War History tour, here I come.


  1. I know that was the worst part of the trip hugging Kota bye. But he is spreading his wings and you know deep down its going to be a great adventure for him. I'm loving keeping up with you on your trip.

  2. It is always hard to let our kids spread their wings. Great road trip. That was Alaskan king crab that tastes a lot like lobster so good.
    safe travels.

  3. I got a lump in my throat and shed that tear just reading your post. Love you!

  4. How did Dakota do when you all said goodbye? Good girl for holding it together. I did OK when we sent Craig to college, but lost it when he left for Taiwan! Your trip looks like a big success and also very yummy! Miss you guys and I think you'll be too busy to miss Kota for awhile!

  5. That crab looks pretty good to me right about now. I think I need to go eat lunch!