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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The UP is the Place to BE

Do you like the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives?  Well Kyle does and he makes notes of places that we need to go a visit.  I'm not sure if he saw this on that show, maybe the travel channel...but no worries.  We ate the biggest BLTs in the area at Tony's Diner in Birch Run, Michigan.

 Kayla and I shared, Kota only ate the bacon...but, Kyle.....
 ate the whole enchilada!  I mean...BLT.

The staff at Tony's wear Got Bacon shirts.  Kayla heard the restaurant uses 11,000 lbs of bacon a week, I don't know, sound like a lot, but with the number of people there, I can believe it.  We saw piles of bacon at every table there.
 Once again, using the Michigan landscape to begin collecting senior pictures.  New test subject this year.
 I'll post more later.
 It took twelve hours to get to our hotel room.  It wiped some of us out.
 We stopped at Sandy Point beach again in Munising, Michigan.  Kota found some evidence of black bears, but we did not get to see the critter itself.
Funny, I think he had that shirt on last year in his senior pictures from up here.  It has been a long day of travel and I'm going to crash.  Goodnight from Michigan.


  1. Tell Kyle I have an operating room table with his name on it to get his gallbladder out...holy cow that's alot of bacon! How many pigs does it take to make one? Ha! Looks like fun and the weather looks great too. I think Kayla looks like you in that black and white shot, but I love the first pic of her..beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh that is a lot of bacon!!! It looks like a fun place to eat. Have a wonderful vacation.

  3. Holy Crap, those BLTs were unreal!
    And how can that little kid, asleep in the car, be going off into the big, bad world?

    The pictures of Kayla are beautiful. :)