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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ashland County Fair Entries

Black and White Youth
Kayla's Wild Animal: Polar Bear at Columbus Zoo
Building Entry: Fort Michilmackinac in Michigan
Water Entry: Grand Sable Lake, Grand Maris, MI
Human Interest Entry: Lake Michigan
Kayla and I decided to act this year instead of saying we should have entered something into the fair this year. We entered some pictures. Yesterday we spent the day trying to get this ready. We went to Walmart to get our pictures printed. Then went home to mount the pictures because I forgot to bring the mats that I had with me. Just as well, I got home and the mats I bought had an 8.5x11.5 hole instead of an 8x10. (that was stupid) I didn't pay much attention to that I guess.
So back to Walmart to buy the right sized mats. They were sold out. We ended up buying clearanced frames with mats to get what we needed. Kyle didn't complain one bit. Thankfully.
We went to his shop to mount the pictures so we didn't have to go home again. Then off to the fair.
We took the pictures in to the hobby barn and got them tagged and entered. The volunteers loved our water picture and Kayla's wild animal picture. After all is said and done if we get 1st place ribbons we will win a $7 premium. Kyle said, "I don't think you'll make up what we've spent today if you win." Oh well, it was an adventure at least. Wish us luck!


  1. How creative are you?! I loved the pics too and I'm glad you printed them out here just in case I don't get to the fair...I know, that's blasphemy around these here parts! Good luck and I hope you win that blue ribbon!

  2. Those are all so flippin' awesome! I think you guys should totally win, like, every category. How talented!