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Monday, September 13, 2010

No More Brace Face

Kayla really needed braces. Her front top teeth, one went in front of her bottom teeth and the other went behind her bottom teeth. She had to have oral surgery to place a chain inside her gums and tooth to put things into place. She has been a trooper through this whole process. I hope she finds it worth the time and effort. We know from me that her wisdom teeth need to come out right away so that she doesn't ruin her orthodontia work like I did.
10:50 am 9/13/10
Display Board at Dr. Gregg's Waiting Room
11:30 am 10/13/10
Kayla got her braces off today. She is so happy! She has been counting this day down for several weeks. She looks great. I told her how lucky she was, I got my braces off one week after school pictures my freshman year. She got hers off one week before school pictures her freshman year. Dr. Gregg told Kota he isn't far behind. So we'll be getting his off shortly.

I got the best deal out of this, I got to take the day off from work. :) I got to sleep in until 8 am and decorate the house for fall. I also get to work on house cleaning and grading papers. It is a beautiful day to not be at school. I actually enjoying working around the house. It has been a busy weekend with football games and stake meetings, so not much got accomplished here this past weekend.


  1. Congratualations Kayla...you look so beautiful! We know you have waited for this for a long time. Now you can have that carmel apple at the Ashland County Fair! Hugs and Kisses...Love Grandma and Grandpa Patterson

  2. Kayla you look marvelous darling...just marvelous! Stacy...you didn't work all summer and you already need a day off?? I love to hassle teachers.