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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Bliss

 We had a picnic at my Mom's Sunday after church. Mom made her yummy banana split dessert.
Kyle had to look at the breaks on the car. They need a new line because he blew them out. I'm glad he can fix that kind of stuff.

What a great day we had. We went shopping at Lodi Outlet Mall to get the boys some jeans, they both wear the same size now. Guess they'll get to share; Kyle will look more like a teen. He looks so good after losing weight. (still jealous) When I try on clothes I just get to grimace.
We got Kayla her homecoming dress. Her and her friends decided they would go regardless of whether or not they had a date. I'm glad about that. It would just be a "friend" date anyhow. Boy is it hard to find a modest dress. We had to buy a wrap because there is nothing with sleeves. We are going to look to see if we can find a fancy cami or see what grandma can do when she is down the begining of October.
Finally, I put up my apple purchase today. I made a pie, 2 pans of apple crisp, 4 pans of apple dumplings and some applesauce. Kota asked for the pie, he said he's never had apple pie at home before. He's right, I usually only make dumplings Grandma Beninghof's way because they are quicker and easier. Hope it tastes as good as it looks!


  1. Glad you had a great day! Kyle does look good and you do too, so stop grimacing! Now, what time is that pie cutting???

  2. Oh my, that pie looks so yummy! Apple is my absolute favorite pie. I made applesauce with all of my apples that we picked. You made a variety that was smart. I want to wait until the golden delicious are ready and I will make my pies then. They don't take much sugar, as they have a sweeter taste naturally.

  3. Kayla - I love your Homecoming dress...you have great taste in clothes...want to take Grandma shopping!!! LOL