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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Musings

Every time Dakota's football team wins a game they do the Falcon Jacks. It goes: "F-F-FAL-C-C-ONS, Falcons, Falcons, Falcons, hey!" It's kind of a fun tradition and the fans look forward to seeing the excitment from the boys of a job well done. This past week we've got to see the Falcon Jacks three days in a row. Dakota was invited to play on the Freshman team because they were 3 guys short. Although, not a freshmen, it was good for some playing time. He played really well. Several of the 58 points were from Dakota blocking and the running back following right on his heels. Because of his success Thursday he started JV today. Once again playing well. It's good to see him grow as an athlete.
Dakota found himself a date to the homecoming, not only ours; but Mapleton's too. We went to get his shirt and tie tonight because once the week hits, it is hard to find extra time between practice/games, youth activities, and work meetings. She is wearing hot pink and black, so is Dakota. I bet he is going to look great! We ordered the corsage today and he will have his first official formal dance. I can't wait to take pictures next week!
White tie for one of the dances maybe. Or just for dad to steel.


  1. Busy, fun times...now can't you see why high school years just fly by? Have a good time at homecoming Dakota...Driana will be at Mapleton's too. Good job in football too!

  2. Dakota...we really enjoy watching you play football. Gramps is so proud of you! Keep up the good work...nice tackle today! Way to go Crawford!!!