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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mapleton Homecoming

It's official, my son is a hunk! He sure cleans up nice, no wonder all the YW want to date him. Okay enough bragging from a proud mama. He got to go to his first formal dance with a girl who is investigating the church. They went "as friends" because neither are old enough to date by our standards. The funny thing is that he was so happy he didn't have to wear a pink tie and cumberbund in Klay and Tricia's wedding, but he had to match Jennifer, so...pink tie it was.
Kota and Jen with Grandma Beninghof. We thought we'd make the old gal's night and drop in to show off the good lookin' kids.
Kota was learning how to be a gentleman tonight. It was cute watching him carry the umbrella so Jen wouldn't lose the hours on her hair do.
As we watched the young teens coming out of the dance a Mapleton, Kyle and I were surprised to see the lost art of chivalry at formal dances. The guys walked ahead of their dates, who obviously hadn't practiced walking in 3-5 inch heels before the dance. Others were more worried about texting than escorting their dates. I was surprised that the girls just thought that was normal. Doesn't anyone talk to their kids about how to act on formal occasions? I was glad that Kyle took the time to coach Kota a bit. It really made him stand-out. I know Kota and Jenn had a good time. We get to repeat this process again in two weeks, this time with Kayla joining in.


  1. Dakota you look so handsome! His friend/date is a cutie and I love her hair...whew, that must have taken a bit of time! Glad all had fun! Hooray for chivalry...it is a lost art...or nature...or just plain poor manners!

  2. Grandpa Patterson is so proud of you Kota...what a classy guy you are!!! I am so glad you are such a gentleman. I am sure Jen appreciated it too. Jen and you looked good together and glad you had fun!

  3. I made a type Kota...I meant to day that Grandpa Patterson and me are so proud of you!!

  4. I think my computer has issues...as I am writing my typing is correct on my end...after I post there are typo errors...not sure what is happening. Anyway, we love you! Grandma Char