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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apples to Apples

Kathy should be happy that she is not front and center in this picture talking to Jo. I conviently hid her behind Brooke!
Sister Gault and Eichhorn enjoying the good food!
We learned to make a cute little apple centerpiece from colored leaves and skewered apples. We also saw how to make floating votive candle holders.
In Relief Society we have weekday meetings once a month. (Formerly known as Homemaking or Enrichment meetings) We joke about what to call them, but no matter what we call them they are to bring ideas to make our homes a better place to be. Tonight we talked about being "beguiled." That naturally brought up the topic of apples and how they get a bad wrap. So being women we wrapped apples in carmel and served them for dessert. Thanks to Brooke who put them altogether. It's the love and service of each member of the branch that makes these meetings fun. It was funny to hear the stories of two sisters that served missions and their stories of being "beguiled" by learning to live with a companion for 18 months. It is interesting in the wisdom of our Father, who teaches us inspite of ourselves. We learn a lot of valuable lessons from being "beguiled." We mostly learn what not to do, but that in itself is a powerful lesson.
Thank you sisters for bringing up my spirits by: 1. letting me laugh, 2. encouraging and listening when things are tough 3. for picking up my slack when I can't do it all myself 4. For loving me inspite of my flaws.
Sister Kelly and Selvage
Our delicious carmel "wrapped" apples, Thanks Brooke for doing such a nice job! They were yummy!


  1. Gosh I miss all you guys so much!! Wish my ward here was as great as that little branch I was blessed to be a part of for 6 or so months. Love you guys!

  2. Nice post Stacy! I think the meeting was fun and I enjoyed just yakking with all the sisters tonight. Hope they liked it! Thanks for not putting my front and center too...whew,now on to the next meeting!