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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday dislocation

So we've finished the JV football circuit. Things are going resonably well, Dakota's had a great season and we are watching the final JV game of the season. It was a cool, crisp, morning at HHS when my son was trying to tackle a Ritman Indian. He tried grabbing him with his arm and missed, the Indian pulled out of his grasp and pulled his shoulder out of his socket. As Kota plummeted to the ground he knocked his shoulder back in place. Coach pulled him off the field for missing the tackle, but found an injured player. (Whew, Kota got out of that butt chewing!) He, needless to say, was finished for the game and will probably be out of practice for the week.

Our Varsity has one more game Friday night. This game is the decision of who is the WCAL conference champ of the year. Hillsdale or Norwayne. It will be a packed football game. The winner of this game will go to state playoffs. Just like last year football season will probably go into November. It's a bittersweet thing, I'm happy for the boys to get some glory for their hard work, but it's also fun to have the family back even if it's just a few weeks until basketball season starts and we will be off to watch the daughter cheer.


  1. Is that why Dakota had a sling on? I thought it was part of his costume! I'm glad he had a good year and hopefully he'll heal completely. Take a deep breath and relax for one minute..with kiddos it's always crazy and then they're gone and you miss the craziness. Hey, Donna at Starkey Hollow got a pic, so don't worry about the no camera thing!

  2. Hope your shoulder gets all better asap, Dakota!