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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Somedays I don't know what happens between waking up and going to bed. It seems the day goes by in a blur. Sometimes it's the whole week that goes like this. It seems like I hop from duty to duty and don't get to complete any of them well. This whole school year seems to be going like this. I have a revolving door of students, meeting then I rush to teenage activities, oh and don't mention church and home duties in between. The only bummer to this schedule is my kids keep getting older. I'm so worried about being a mother to adult children. I guess I have a couple of years to worry, but it hits me like a brick wall every once in awhile. This hectic week is one of those brick walls.
Friday Night Lights
Falcon Varsity vs. Ritman Indians
Kayla's concert at Jeromesville Lutheran Church 10/26/2010

Sunday: Church, Calling duties, Birthday Party
Monday: Football Practice, Get ready for a Sub at School
Tuesday: All Day Meeting, Choir Concert
Wednesday: Catch up from a Sub, RTI Committee Meeting Before School, Parent Meeting Afterschool, Football Team Dinner
Thursday: Catch-up after crazy week work until 6 pm night
Friday: Last Home Varsity Game
Saturday: Leaves, House Maintenance, Laundry, Possible Temple Date? or at least a Date

Okay, all wo is me aside, I am enjoying my children. I have learned to put them first even when others things could be being done. I'm not going to miss another moment of their lives. I feel like I did that too much while I was going to college. I guess I'd rather have a busy schedule than be depressed because I was too idol.

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  1. My Mom's motto was always "Just do it"..really, Nike stole it from her. Now it's "keep moving or else something will catch you"...like old age! So take time to enjoy the kiddos and when one year has gone by with blogging and you print out the blog book/journal, you'll be surprised how many great times you had with them and the other "stuff" isn't that important. You and Kyle are super parents!