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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What do Football, Hair Dos, Flowers and Dancing All Have in Common?

Kayla and Jen getting their hair and nails done for the dance. My friend Brooke did their hair in exchange for a free night of babysitting. I think Kayla got a great deal. She's not too thrilled I have the hair in curlers evidence. We told her that this was a traditional photo before the event. We were laughing about seeing our aunts run around in their bras and pantyhose with curlers before their weddings. Fun memories.

The finished product!

Hillsdale Homecoming was tonight. It was Kayla's first formal dance. She was so cute getting ready. It was funny to see her in curlers and getting all gussied up. We picked up Dakota's friend Jenn today and took her to his football game. It was a double win for the Falcons this weekend Friday and Saturday games against Northwestern Huskies were wins. That means the football players will be in good moods during the dance. I went to a homecoming that the football team lost the night before and they all were acting like jerks. I'm glad Kayla doesn't have to experience that her first time.
After the girls got their hair done, it was off to Buehlers to pick up the corsages and boutinier. When we got there we were one corsage short, so we had to wait to get that made. That is why the girls don't have them on in the pictures we had to wait on one to dry before wearing it. We took pictures at Malabar Farms Mt. Jeez over look. It is beautiful there, although a bit windy and chilly if your in a formal.
Then we took the kids out to dinner at Olive Garden. It was a yummy dinner. I think they had a marvelous time. It will be fun to hear the stories when they get home tonight.
Oh Jeez, look at the view.

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  1. Everyone looked great! I hope they had fun. That's the second time someone posted about that view..I've never heard of it and I've even been to Malabar a ton of times. I need to get out more! Congrats on winning the games and it just kills me to see how old those kiddos of yours are getting. How come you guys don't get any older? Mystery of the ages!