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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend

This is what my classroom looks like before the students come. It's quiet and sirene and actually a lot of learning is going even though they aren't there. The teacher had to know all about the subjects she is preparing for. This is what was going on for several hours on Saturday. I was getting ready for parent teacher conferences and getting ready for the next grading period. With teaching another grade level this year it takes a lot of preparation because every lesson is a new lesson. Where when I've taught before I know what worked and what needed to be better. So several hours go into good lessons.

My work stations where all the business happens. Who knew that you would have to be technologically savvy to teach. The sad story is my students always know how to fix things when I don't.

We got a good start on our leaf raking ritual for the year. Most of the leaves are down in the front of the house. It's amazing to me the amount of leaves we have for a little piece of property.
Kyle and kota had it all figured out. If you pull the trailer into the leaf pile, all you have to do is rake them in. We got two full trailer loads out before Kyle got called out to work for the whole afternoon. (Oh well, overtime just in time for Christmas gifts.)
The last few leaves still hanging on in the front of the house.
Kyle had a great find while he was raking. Gross!

We took turns with the leaf blower. What a great invention. It's kind of fun too. It felt like I had the power of the wind and could coax those leaves where ever I wanted them to be.

Whew, what a pile. Our yearly ritual is daunting, but it always is fun working together to get the project done. Fall is still my favorite season. I enjoy these cool, crisp days of wearing sweatshirts and jeans. I would enjoy this weather all year long.
We topped off the busy day with the teens going off to the Halloween Dance at the Akron Chapel. They dressed up at a lumberjack and a gypsy. (you never know where they are going to get inspiration from.) Sister Putzig took the kids up so Kyle and I got to have a date. We needed one. We went out to Dorlo Pizza and stopped at Buehler's for some ice cream for dessert. We picked up a Ironman 2 and watched a movie. It was a relaxing way to end our busy day!
Happy Halloween to all of us!


  1. Love the costumes. I forgot how many leaves you guys get out there. I had to rake, nothing!! Ha ha ;) Love you guys

  2. Nice pics of the classroom; It's fun to see where we work and spend most of our lives! Hey, I could have helped with that gypsy costume...I think I live with the original "lumber...Jack"...I hate raking leaves and I'm glad that I don't have much. Usually they blow away all by themselves. Those few last leaves are mocking you!