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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fireplaces, Apples and Football

We were invited to a co-worker of mine's house for an outdoor cook-out. He made ham and bean soup in his outdoor fireplace and hamburgers on the grill. Yummo! I want Kyle to make me one of these when we start our patio project. (Hopefully next summer!) Doesn't Kyle look great. I'm jealous of how much weight he's lost. I guess I'm going to have to get in gear and catch up. Wish mine melted away as fast as his did.
My neice Malea testing the gigantic Courtland Apples at Scenic Ridge Fruit Farm. Isn't she adorable!
My sister Amy's children.
These apples are huge. I'm going to make our traditional apple dumplings. Then I'll freeze some so we can enjoy them in the winter too!
 Today was pick your own Mcintosh or Courtlands. We went for the courtlands because they were bigger! Bigger dumplings!
She's a natural.
Look at the size of that one.

The trees were loaded. It was so much fun. It brought back memories of going to the John Johnson Farm and picking apples for the welfare system of our church. We had so much fun going up there and picking apples. The best part was getting to bring home bags of apples for $2 a piece. Even though Scenic Ridge's apples aren't $2 a bag we still had a good time.

It wasn't a winning weekend for our Falcon boys, but they sure played hard. Friday night we played the 2nd place team in the State. This was the first time we've had a team like that in our line up. The boys lost, but they played respectably against a state championship team. Apparently Delphus St. John has won many championships since the 80s. We lost 7-35. The scored the 2 touchdowns 2 minutes before half time and the other 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter.
Our JV lost 35-41 against Mansfield Senior today. They played hard as well. Mansfield got the upper hand when they sent in the freshman squad and our other boys couldn't regain the touchdown. Overall, it was a well played game too. Better luck next week against Loudonville.
Dakota once again was showing us that he is getting to be a better athlete. He was right there to sack the quarterback several time, just a second or two too late this week. Nice effort though.
Scenic Ridge Fruit Farm has nice vegetables too. We picked up a couple of butternut squash (my favorite) and some decorative gourds to start our fall decorating this weekend. I love decorating for fall. It's my favorite time of year.
Kayla found a fun looking goard!

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