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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lake Hope, Long Weekend

 I might enter this picture into the county fair coming up.  What do you think?
With Kota working this summer we didn't really have a chance to go on vacation.  So instead of going far away, we went to Lake Hope State Park.  We set up camp and enjoyed relaxing and camp food.
 Saturday morning we woke up bright and early in camp, and decided to do a polar bear swim.  It really wasn't to polar, it was more like bath water and actually quite pleasant.  The lake was beautiful.  Had we been in Minnesota we would have enjoyed the loons, instead we saw a blue heron fly in.  We were the only swimmers at that hour and it was nice.
 The campground we stayed at had a nature center that had events planned for the day.  They were showing how to flint knap.  Or make arrowheads, spears, etc from flint.  The boys sat and watched for a couple of hours.  They ended up buying a couple of the tools and are going to learn how to do this on their own. 

 This is the reason to go camping for me...tinfoil dinners.  I love them.  Then we sat around the campfire and enjoyed some marshmellows.  Simple, quiet, just what I needed.
 Before we got to Lake Hope we stopped by our friends the Spellman's since we were in their neck of the woods.  They took the kids down the hill to do some target shooting.  Kayla found out she really likes to shoot a pistol.
 I think that is where I draw the line.  I don't want a pistol in the house.  I really don't care if we have the shotguns in the house, but the pistols seem to extreme.  I don't know, maybe I'm just too over protective, but I had a cousin die in high school because of a gun shot accident...


  1. Love your lily picture you should enter it. Camping looks fun. I grew up in a house full of guns. my dad hunted my grandfather was a Maine Hunting guide. There was never a hand gun in the house so I am a bit scared of them. My husband does not hunt or care one bit about guns but I have all of my dad's guns in the house waiting for my brother to decide he wants them some day,

  2. Hi Stacy,
    Your camp photos brought back fond memories for me. I haven't camped for awhile! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your words of encouragement! I look forward to reading more of your adventures. My friend Deb (Catbird Scout) told me you're a teacher also. Something in common . . . and, I don't like hand guns, either!

  3. What a great setting! Looks like you had a ball.


  4. Totally agree with the pistol thing. I also had a friend in high school die in his home from a pistol. On a brighter note...I think you should totally enter the picture! Loved seeing you guys last week!

  5. Enter the pic! I may even get brave and enter a few of mine....if I haven't deleted them! The lake looks awesome and you're right about the foil dinners. We made them last year with some of the Grandkiddos around our fire pit and everyone loved them...I'm glad you got away for a nice weekend and the gun thing makes me nervous too, although we do have a few around here..That's so Jack the "Great Skunk Hunter" can protect me!

  6. P.S...Jack made me come back and blow the pic of the guys doing that flint knap thingie...He thought Kyle only smoked pork...just sayin