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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Social Affair

Ah, the winner of one round of cake walking.  What a great way to end the week at a church social.  Ginger (in red) did the planning for the Relief Society sponsered social.  She did a fabulous job of making the branch happy.

 This group worked the music in musical chairs.  It was a interesting way in doing a cake walk.  I've never seen one done this way, but it was fun. 
 It was also very competitive.  Dakota got the final chair ripped right out from under him.  He won by default.  It's okay he would have ripped the chair out from under Brother Kucnick if it had been the other way around.
The kids got to swim in the pool too.  It was a little village pavillion with a swimming pool and pond close by.  Ginger planned a nickle scramble for the kids and the cake walk.  Soccer, volleyball and swimming were available and the laughs were free.  It is fun getting everyone together.  I told Ginger, let's not stress about the meat, we usually only get about 40 people coming.  You know there was closer to 80 people there.  Wow!
I really enjoyed being around everyone.  I got to chat with Sister Kitchen/Benfield who moved when she got married.  A lot of people brought their families from out of town.  It was good to see everyone so comfortable.


  1. Sue said on my comments it's interesting to get the info on the same event from our different perspectives...she's right! Good blogging! It was fun and turned out to be a good day. I was getting nervous about the food until I saw the grill fire up and more burgers were on the way. I always believe in the fishes and the loaves!

  2. Yes! I enjoyed both perspectives! As I'm still new to figuring this blog world out, I didn't realize you and yaya were connected before. What fun! So I'm assuming that the meat was enough. It sure looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!

  3. Aww that sounds so fun! I'm glad there was a good turn out. We actually had our ward activity yesterday too! Fun times. :)