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Friday, July 1, 2011

Almost Back to a Full House

Ahhh, some normalcy here, Kayla made it back from camp today.  (I made a second 3 hour round trip to pick her and some other girls up today.)  Her cats are just as happy to see her as her parents are.  She came home not feeling well.  She has a cold and is feeling a bit miserable.  She slept for a couple of hours today.  She was glad for my surprise.  I spent yesterday morning cleaning up her bedroom and closet.  All of her clothes have a place.....for now! She hasn't acquired her mother's organization talent.  She has perfected her dad's carefree talent though. 

Tomorrow, the mooseman will be back home.  It feels nice when all my chicks are home.  I miss them when they are out growing up.  I'm looking forward to my birthday celebration with the family tomorrow.  Since Kyle is preparing for scout camp and Kota will be back at Nuhop (normally at scout camp) I get to celebrate my birthday early with them.  I think we are going to go upto grandma's, swim on the pond and have a barbeque.  That's what I want to do.  Chillax.


  1. Glad they're back safe and sound and I hope you have a fun birthday celebration!

  2. Enjoy the weekend! Hope your daughter feels better soon.


  3. Ah it's hard when they start taking time away, and sometimes harder when they come home :-)