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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Pitter-Patter of Little (or not so little) Feet

This week is Girls' Camp for the Young Women of our Stake.  The girls of our branch are spending 4 days and 3 nights at the John Johnson Farm in Hiram, Ohio.  Kayla is there with 12 other girls.  Kyle took the day off Tuesday and helped me drive the girls to camp, and supervised the setting up of the retired Scoutmaster tent.
 Kayla and her tentmate Meredith are working diligently with Kyle to set up the tent that was the envy of the other girls.  Like I said, retired scoutmaster tent, It has two private rooms and and screen porch all attached.

 Kayla and Meredith will sleep in style with their over sized cots, ceiling fans, and lots of space.  :)
 It is neat that they get to camp at the John Johnson farm.  This is a historic site of the church we attend.  So Kyle and I took another tour while we were up there.
 Have you ever watched the show on Food Network called "Diners, Drive-in and Dives?"  Kyle and I like to find those places from time to time.  Not necessarily the one's Guy Fieri visited, but one's that he could visit. 
 We found the Brick Tavern in Garretsville, OH.  Kyle had to try the Freddy burger.  It was huge.  I went for a gyro.  It was fantastic.  We shared part way through, because we want to try both, and because I have a sauce dislike.  Don't get me wrong I like a taste of the sauce, I don't like my food swimming in it so that's all I taste.  That is how the Gyro was, swimming in sauce.  Kyle makes fun of me for this quirk.  It's bad enough that it can ruin my meal if I can't get the sauce off (I usually forget to ask for light sauce or on the side).  I'd rather not eat it than gag on overkill drippings.  Oh well, I can take the criticisms.

Lately, we've been driving the youth around to a lot of places.  That's okay we signed up for our turns in the summer when I'm more available.  We took the YW to the temple on Friday night.  We had a fun trip.  It's always a fun place to be and learn.

The grounds at the temple are very pretty too.  We found this nice foot bridge over a small creek for them to pose on.

So were does that leave Kyle and I, home.  Alone.  No children.  So what do you do?  Weird.  After that is out of the way it sure is nice to have quiet alone time with my husband.  Tuesday we toured around the Hiram area.  Today I stayed home and got somethings done around the house, and we cooked dinner together and went to boy scouts to get the boys ready for scout camp next week.  Tomorrow, I'm going to clean some more things that I usually ignore.  Then we are going to Olive Garden. 
You know, my house has no pitter-patter, or stomping when (Kota) trots through the house.  (He's working as a counselor at Camp Nuhop and is gone all week.  We have a clean house, no Kayla droppings as I call them, she can destroy a place rather quickly, amazing how I don't miss that.  But, it's going to be weird when this is an everyday reality instead of a three day vacation.  What do you do when you aren't raising teens anymore and have adult children? 


  1. You have an major adjustment phase. And then, you get to like being on your own!


    PS. It made me hungry reading about your gyro. And I like it with lots of that yogurt stuff all over it. (Maybe you should order your stuff dry with sauces on the side. That's what my sister does.)

  2. Well, Jack always says that if you want to find food just follow Kyle! Thanks for going to camp and taking the girls. It looks like all is well and with the fabulous weather we're having I think they will have a great time this year. I know the guys are wishing for this dry and sunny days and cool nights! Now Stacy, you're not that old and crotchity..you know what you can do when it's just the two of you!..oops, sorry! What do you do when the kiddos leave? Pray everyday for them...for them not to come home to live after they are old! I'll have the alone time next week only the only kiddo leaving is the hubby..so I'll really be alone!

  3. well that is some tent a ceiling fan? yikes I want one. Ah the empty house.Very Hard at first but once you get the hang of it not so bad.

  4. Well, after you've cried a few buckets of tears, you suddenly realise there really is life after children and, before you know it, your days are even more full than they were before. This time, however, you're doing things you always wanted to do but never had time. And that lovely clean, neat house? Oh, it grows on you! You start to decorate as if it's your very own little guest cottage...for fun, you can even spend a night or two in one of the other rooms and pretend you're on holiday :)

    I have never seen such a smart tent BTW! Even I could enjoy camping if I could do it in such style!