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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Upper Sandusky or Bust?

Why spend a day in/around Upper Sandusky, Ohio?  These two kitties have something to do with it.
They needed spayed and neutered so we didn't get mutant kittens from them being brother and sister.  So we spent the day in the area while the cats were under vet care.  The original plan was to spend the day at the public pool there, but the rainy day gave us other options.

First we went the the Col. William Crawford memorial that was up in that area.  Col. Crawford is a several generations back great uncle of Kyle's.  He has a town and county named after him here in Ohio.  Why?  Because he was a Revolutionary War officer, who was tortured by Delware Indians who were working with the British.  We stopped by the historical marker in the area of his death.  There was a monument in the cemetary across the road from the marker as well as a little park about a mile away in the little town Crawford.

 This wheat field across from the cemetary made me think about "amber waves of grain" tributing the many Revolutionary, Civil and WWI, WWII vets that were buried in that little local cemetary.

 Crawford church in the town of Crawford.  The town of Crawford was so big that if you blinked you would have missed it.

So after we visited the family monuments we ventured into the town of Findlay and spent the other 7 hours waiting on the cats to be finished.  We found a quiet shopping mall and ventured around there for a couple of hours.  Kayla got to spend some of the babysitting money she has been saving.  Then we found a movie theater.  We went to see the "Green Latern."  If you like super hero flicks, this one is for you.  Then we went to Kohl's to kill another hour.  We enjoyed the time shopping and relaxing in the theater.
 Then we came back to get the two cats after their long day at the vets.  We drove all the way over here because they do low cost surgery.  We got them both taken care of, plus shots for $70.  That is half of what we would have spent locally.
 Kayla was glad to get her babies back.  Even though Tina stunk so bad.  He was too tired from ansthesia to get up and use the litter box.  His fur smelled really bad.  Needless to say, the hour trip home was with the windows down.


  1. I took Squeak to get fixed right after I found him...he was put to sleep and then the vet realized he was already fixed..so he came home shaved and drugged...looks like you had a jam packed fun day in your hubby's town...That's pretty cool to have all that history so close by.

  2. Wow fantastic history. I wonder what will be written on our gravestones? Just had one of my cats to the vet to have her teeth sorted - $642 - yikes!

  3. Hey look! I can comment on your awesome blog again! Yay! I didn't know you guys were related to famous people. That's cool! Glad the kitties are good. Although the smell of stinky cat came to my nose. Yuck. haha

  4. Thank you for the comment on my blog and the link to further info :) Very thoughtful of you, Stacy!

    Hope the kitties are feeling happier today. We had our male puppy, Milo, neutered last week on Wednesday. His stitches were removed today (10 days later) and he's bounced back.

    I enjoyed the history lesson on great, great, GREAT uncle Col. Crawford and viewing the monuments with you.

  5. What a full and fantastic day you had!