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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Splish, Splash, Reunion

 It has been an eventful week.  This week alot of Kyle's family was in from Minnesota and California.  We spent a lot of time catching up with Brothers and sisters-in-law.  It is fun to see how the families are growing.  Kyle having 7 siblings creates a lot of nieces and nephews.

Today was the reason for all the gathering, the Crawford family reunion was at cousin Steve Hawley's house here in Hayesville.  We had a lot of food and a lot of fun playing in his pool.
 Karson was only brave enough to get his feet wet.Kaleb and Nicole have the youngest of the grandchildren, Elle.  But Klayton and Tricia haven't started having kids yet, they were the one's that got married last July.
Kim and Kolyn's kids are mixed in together here.  Lydia and Kadin jumpin' off the dive.  Kolton only wanted to be splashed occasionally, he really didn't want to get in.
Delany and Kadin enjoying the slide.
Kiley trying to decide if it was too cold or not.
Kyle watching out for Briar, but talking to Kamyrn.
It wouldn't be a hillbilly reunion without the cornhole games.  The men take this pretty serious.  Klayton is setting his up at regulation length.  Do you notice the "k" theme to the names?  Kyle's mom and dad named all 8 of the kids with "k" names and several of us keep the tradition going with our children, most of us with at least one child with a "k" even if it's their middle name.  (The eight: Kelly, Kolyn, Kyle, Kory (Korbit), Kim (Kimberly), Kasey, Kaleb and Klayton)
Lydia and Kamryn enjoying some food after a long swimming session.
 Kyle enjoys visiting with his brothers.  Even though the miles seperate us, they are a close knit family.  I love that about them.  You sit down and talk and it's as if you were talking to them yesterday.  Our children really have a good bond with them too.  They will cry when they go home, but it is a good cry.
 Kayla enjoying the pool too.  She is great at playing with her cousins.  I suppose when you don't see them very often, it doesn't matter how cool you are, you just play anyhow.
I love this picture of her coming out of the slide.  I might have to use this one for my fair entry this year.

Daddy cool getting ready to strut his stuff.  He is impressive to his cousins because he is the oldest here.  I'm glad he takes time to play with the kids.  He also took some time to act as lifeguard for them.
Dive-in, enjoy the splish, splash of a great family reunion.


  1. It's great to get the family together. I especially love watching the cousins interact with each other. Ours are very close, and it looks like yours are, too.


  2. I was noticing all the "K's"...even though I knew some of them when they were little..(the bruise on my shin is almost gone)..it's fun to see the grownups they've become. It's always a blast to have many cousins and I can see everyone had a great time. Kyle's family had 8 with "k"...Wingers had 9 with "D" and Pearson's had 8 with all "D" names...it was crazy back then! We had the biggest Primary in the Stake!

  3. Fun with the "K's"!! My cousins did it with all "J" names...they had 6 kids.
    That pool looks like such a good time! Nice they shared it for the reunion!

  4. What a FUN pool for all the kids! Ahhh and good old kornhole! Everytime I visit my family in Mansfield...that game makes its way out!

    And, oh yes to Ally Mcbeal!! :)