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Friday, June 3, 2011

YW Bake Sale Adventure

Kayla and I tackled Kerre's Milkshake Cupcakes.  We also made our version of Hostess cupcakes.

I didn't have the Wilton tips she suggested, so I improvised.  I will pick one of those up next time I'm at the store!  For time sake, I also cheated.  I didn't make the homemade ganache, I bought Duncan Hines Glaze instead, $2 was worth my time making the ganache after work, dinner, and errands.
It was a fun project.  Thank you Duncan Hines for helping me get my job done a little bit faster.


  1. Good job! I totally forgot about the bake sale..I'm not sure I would get the time to do it anyway...but I'm would have atleast tried! Congrats to Moose for getting his letters and for working for that jacket..good idea and good parenting!

  2. They're fabulous looking!!!!

  3. Funny, I've tried commenting before and have run into roadblocks. Glad it worked this time!

  4. Your cupcakes look great! I hope the bake sale went well. I sent Tom in to buy some contraband to sneak to me in my imprisonment. :)
    Ganache is easy - just chocolate and heavy cream heated together. But i gotta say that at $2, the duncan hines is actually cheaper AND easier. Good call busy mama!