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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Puttin' it Up

Kayla and I spent our day on the road and canning at the Brecksville Family Home Storage Center.  We are putting in items for our food storage and helping the branch get items for their food storage.  The link tells what you could/should store for your family.

With the rise of food costs and the state of the economy I think our food storage will help us out in the future.  There was a time in our past when Kyle and I both lost our jobs a couple of months a part.  Another time when I went to college and Kyle was the only one working.  Our food storage was used so that our grocery bill was less.

Kayla and I had a fun time.  We packed 72 cans (#10 size) of various items for people at the branch.  We laughed and worked all morning.  A member of the church from the Akron Ward came up today just to help people, boy were we glad for the extra hands. 

One of my favorite places to get food storage recipies is http://www.everydayfoodstorage.net/

I was talking with Sister Kesweder at the storehouse.  She said there will be a day when the bishop will call on members to give their food storage to neighbors, friends and family.  That got me to thinking.  I better keep packing it away. 

I'm doing a good job of keeping this summer goal.  I need to work on the others.  ;)


  1. Thanks for going up there today and helping me get my food storage in! Wish I could have gone...one of these days if I'm not working..whenever that may happen!

  2. When I was young, we lived on our food storage a couple of times. My mom was good at turning all those containers of stuff into dinner!


  3. I have never worked with a specific food storage plan in mind and am greatly intrigued to read about this. I obviously always buy monthly groceries and keep a steady stock of canned goods to use when necessary, but have not had a dedicated storage cupboard to dip into in the event of 'famine or flood'...is this an American 'habit' or do other nations practise this tradition? Perhaps because we live in a hot climate and never have the problem of being snowed in, we're always easily able to shop...but, as you rightly point out, in the event of food shortages and loss of income, this does make a lot of sense!