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Saturday, June 11, 2011

We Be Jammin'

We started this adventure Thursday morning.  Kayla and I went to our favorite berry patch over by Jeromesville.  We spent about an hour hand picking the sweetest, juicest, crimson berries we could find.

 The berries we chose were the big ones.  We decided that we wanted a few to eat and a lot to make fresh jam.
 I was amazed that one year ago, I was blogging about the same thing.  I started my blog after a long school year doing my administrative intership along with teaching full time.  It was very busy!  I didn't think I had time to blog to when Yaya introduced blogging to me.
 Admist the slicing and cooking of the jam, I decided; last minute to partake in the Hayesville community garage sales.  I found this might be the best way to get my daughter to part with some of her massive collection of stuff.  I told her whatever she donated to the yard sale would be her money.  I got more stuff out of her than if I tell her to fill a bag to donate to Goodwill.

 Kayla maned the sale as I made the jam.  It turned out really good.  I usually fail at strawberry jam and get syrup.  Not this year!  I got jam. 
So I am adding to my food storage already.  I have a problem about not wanting to use my storage when I put things in because I want it to be there.  I decided that I wasn't going to do that this year.  I already let Kayla break into a jar.  She has had toast and jam the last two days for breakfast. 
I tried my hand at fruit leather that we learned how to make in RS.  Mine really stuck to the pan.  I am going to try another batch aftering spraying the wax paper and tray. 
The best lessons in life are learned through failing first, I suppose.


  1. And that is certainly the way I have learned to cook! Lots of failure and a few successes.

    That jam looks great, by the way.

    I always enjoy reading your blog, and I'm glad Yaya got you started. Now your readers are the beneficiaries!


  2. I think I used that post heading last year when I did raspberry jam. I ended up working today as my trip to Chicago was canceled, so I wasn't able to make the picking party. Maybe next week I'll get there or I'll find an Amish "already picked" strawberry patch. Hope Kayla made a mint and your jammin' looks like a winner!

  3. Our strawberries are growing beautifully. I can't wait to start picking them. Love this post!Have a great weekend my bloggy friend. Hugs♥

  4. Your summer is off to a perfect start: picking strawberries and making jam. Nothing tastes quite as good as a berry (or a handful of them) eaten straight from the vines, especially if it's warm.

  5. I think I can smell it from here!. Oh it looks so yummy. Strawberries not quite ripe here yet.

  6. That looks like such delicious jam and it looks like fun to make!! Nice you could do it with company!
    Fun getting rid of "stuff" too and making money from it! Hayesville knows how to do it! I was there the other night while a ball game was going on and lots of kids were in the playground park...what a piece of Americana!!

  7. I am afraid today was the last day for strawberries in our neck of the woods. :(

    Just wanted to say that the picture of your daughter in your header is beautiful. I wish I looked that good with my hair all sopping wet! :)